Looking into the future, it’s critical and important for me to continue the work that I and many before me started years ago. I want to introduce UFMA (United Federation of Martial Arts) a true Global Organization. We will work with Traditional, Non Traditional, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Okinawan and Mix Martial Arts. This new organization is exactly what it says – to unite all Martial Arts. We will work with all styles and systems and instructors from all walks of life. There are no restrictions on past, present or future organizations that a member belongs to.

The focus of UFMA is bringing true meaning to the words “uniting the world”. I have traveled extensively the past 30 years to 6 different continent. There is a great need to share knowledge and help each other in the true spirit of Budo. It’s Important for me ‘say it and do it’. I will work with members to develop their Martial Arts and we as a group will learn from each other. The focus will be on seminars and exchange programs for all members. This is an opportunity to travel the world and see different countries, meet martial arts instructors from across the world, share knowledge and learn new ones. Developing a true world family working together across all barriers, breaking down the stereotypes, members must be open to learn new things and learn about another’s culture.
As you know there is major intolerance in some martial arts organizations today – by style, color, national origin and class.

It’s time for us to really be united and focus on martial arts development – not how big of a tournament we can have nor how many degrees (Dan) we can get. I want to reach out to you and all that may be interested in working to make a difference. This is an opportunity to be part of the solution and voice your views on the future of martial arts.
As the WUKO Caribbean Chairman I will work to develop my region and reach out to all and offer them the opportunity to join me in UFMA or WUKO (non martial artists are also welcomed). We need to help our communities develop in ANTI BULLIES Workshop/Personal Defense. The future of martial arts is in our hand. The time has come for us to ‘walk the talk‘. Together we can make a difference, challenging ourselves to be more inclusive and accepting. Join me in this journey and make a difference.

Hanshi Mario Arthur Ufma Founder /Chairman